What’s New?

Its been a long time since I wrote a consistent blog. Today’s the day the site changes and my direction shifts. I would love to share all things regarding life’s adventures with you. Everything from large scale trips, to afternoons in the park, my adaptive adventures, and days in just baking. The memories that are stored here in my blog are the ones that I choose to share with you. I invite you to live my experiences with me, but please remember to also respect my journey and how I share it.

So What’s new besides the appearance?
Well, the home page has changed, in addition to the direction of post content. Also in the main menu there is a link to the website for the race that I founded, the Hip Hop 5K/10K. Be sure to click around and check it all out!

On my home page there are three links under the home picture:

1. the latest blog post
2. my instagram page
3. this area is ever changing: right now it is for my monoski rally! Be sure to check out the page!

It has taken a long time and is still a work in progress to move through the adaptive challenges that I have, but I am excited to share that I am moving beyond the medical and surgical journey and into living my life to the fullest.

Until Next Time…


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